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Gilgit Motel
PTDC Motel Chinnar Inn, Babar Road, Gilgit, Pakistan
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At an elevation of 1,454 metres lies the Gilgit Valley. The quaint little town of Gilgit has spectacular scenic beauty. The peak tourist season is from May to mid-October though the tourist season is round the year. The maximum temperature in May is 33 C and the minimum 16 C and in September Maximum 28 C and minimum 11C. 10 Kms. from Gilgit town is a beautiful rock engraving of Buddha of 7th century A.D.at the mouth of the Kargah Nullah. A victory monument of Taj Mughal, built 700 years ago, is 30 kms. Jeep drive from Gilgit town.The bridge over the fast flowing Gilgit river is the largest suspension bridge in Asia (182 metres long and 2 metres wide) permitting enough room for one jeep at a time to cross.
Gilgit Motel
Gilgit Tunnel
Gilgit Mountains
Gilgit Motel
Gilgit Tunnel
Gilgit Mountains

ACCOMMODATION & RESTURANT : Along with its comfortable and well-furnished rooms overlooking the green lawns and its popular restaurant which is also the best in Town, the PTDC Motel offers Rent-a-Jeep, Curio Shop, Satellite Television, Telephone, Fax and Laundry facilities..

Northern Areas of Pakistan, spread over 72,496 sq. km are as fascinating as its southern region. Amidst towering snow-clad peaks with heights varying from 1,000 m to 8, 000 meters, the regions of Gilgit, Hunza and Baltistan recall Shangri-La. The cultural patterns of these regions are as interesting as its geography. The people with typical costumes, folk dances, music and sports like polo, provide the traveller an unforgettable experience. Nowhere is the world is such a great concentration of high mountains, peaks, glaciers and passes except Pakistan. Of the 14 over 8,000 meters high peaks on earth, 04 occupy an amphitheater at the head of Baltoro glacier in the Karakoram range. These are; K-2 (8,611 m, world’s second highest), Gasherbrum-I (8,068 m), Broad Peak (8,047 m) and Gasherbrum-II (8,035 m). There is yet another which is equally great, Nanga Parbat (8,126 m), located at the western most end of the Himalayas. In addition to that, there are 68 peaks over 7,000 m and hundreds others over 6,000 meters. The Northern Pakistan has some of the longest glaciers outside Polar region; Siachen (72 km), Hispar (61 km), Biafo (60 km), Baltoro (60 km) and Batura (64 km).

The favourite sport in Gilgit is polo which local folks claim originated here. It’s more rugged, free-style version than the sedate variety known in the plains. The polo tournament held from 1st November to 7th November is a festive occasion and draws a large number of visitors.

The streams and lakes of Gilgit are full of trout. These are at kargah Nullah 10 kms. from Gilgit, Singal 56 kms. Gakuch 73 kms. and Phandar 117 kms. from Gilgit. Permits for fishing are issued by the Assistant Director, Fisheries, Government of Pakistan, Gilgit.

Trekking and hiking in the rugged mountains and verdant valleys of Gilgit are allowed only in the "open zone" which extends up to 16 kms. short of the control line on the Kashmir border and up to 50 kms. short of the Afghan border. Guides are available at PTDC Motel, Gilgit. However, applications for obtaining permission to bring a trekking group for restricted zone into the country should reach the Ministry of Tourism by 31st December alongwith a map indicating the route within three months of the expiry of the last date for the receipt of applications. The names, passport numbers, place of issue, must also be submitted to the Ministry of Tourism.

Around Gilgit are towering mountain peaks, waiting to be scaled. Permits for mountaineering are issued by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad.


  • Laundry
  • TV
  • Telephones
  • Rent-a-Jeep
  • Fax
  • Parking
  • Room service
  • Satellite
  • Curio Shop